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Men’s Shoe Boxes

The most recommended men’s shoe boxes are the clear plastic storage boxes. These have the power to transfer your wardrobe instantly. With a range of features, they will fit shoes up to around mens size 13. If you require smaller boxes eg, for ladies shoes, we recommend the ladies shoe boxes.


Men’s Shoe Boxes Features

  • Flat packable when not being used
  • Handles for easy carriage
  • Ladies Shoe Box size when opened: 33×21x13cm
  • Buy those with openable doors on both sides
  • Non-slip material so that the boxes can be stacked on top of each other
  • Be careful only to buy from stores stating they are made from strong plastic


Recommended Mens Shoe Boxes Retailer

This years top rated ladies shoe boxes seller

Voted top seller of the year by eRetail Rater for 2009.

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Features of these shoe boxes

We have comprised a collection of photos detailing the features of these ladies shoe boxes as follows.

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