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Welcome to, bringing you reviews, discounts and more on purchasing all kinds of shoe boxes on the web. This website is primarily tailored towards UK customers but is relevant for customers across the world.

Are you looking to buy shoe boxes to store all your shoes, boots and high heels? This site reviews all types of shoe boxes and shoe box retailers. Find the best discounts on a huge range and compare prices, reviews and comments from other buyers.

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Shoe Boxes deals and discounts

This site aims to provide the current best deals across the net by reviewing many suppliers and websites, bringing customers the best current deals. All suppliers and websites are carefully chosen and only those with adequate quality and shipping dispatchment times are considered. If you would like your ecommerce website reviewed for consideration for this site please contact us.

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Wholesale shoe boxes

We also provide details of wholesalers importing shoe boxes and selling at discounted prices for retailers. Having close connections with a large number of established retailers, we are able to provide the details of recommended large quantity suppliers, for resale.

Most demanded shoe boxes

The most popular variety on the market today are clear shoe boxes. These are transparent so that users are able to see their range of shoes at a glance to enable them to pick out which type they prefer without having to open them. Having openable doors on them, they offer easy access without having to destack them. Please click on the relevant image menu at the top of this page for more detailed descriptions on their features.

The most popular material is plastic. This is because plastic shoe boxes can offer the transparency needed for shoe selection. The plastic also looks good and is more durable than cardboard.

The shoe boxes simply pop into the correct shape when assembling them. Each one can be quickly assembled with 20 seconds and is held in place using tabs built into the plastic. They have a very clean and contemporary look allowing users to see inside. There is no other material needed to construct them. The prices are usualy very low  per box when ordering online from selected retailers - please browse the different types of boxes on our site for recommended retailers. Most commonly they are ordered in packs of 30, this way larger discounts can be acheived.

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